Super Overworld 64 by OverworldYT

Posted : 1556926555
Status : Final
Version : 2.0

Level Screen Adventure in the world, of super overworld 64 (not a n64 patch)

Official Trailer:

Patch Note :
Changed font.

That's it that is all I did.

No really I didn't do anything else.

Dead serious.

In fact all the text is here to make it look like a way bigger update.

It's kinda like clickbait except not entirely.
Tricks :
Basic SMW Knowledge

Older version :

Version : 1.6
Posted : 1555907563
Patch Note :
Kyle told me to do it

Version : 1.4 Again
Posted : 1555359615
Patch Note :
-I didn't feel like adding anything else but i wanted to update so here you go

Version : 1.4
Posted : 1555225453
Patch Note :
-Added Herobrine only to remove him again
-Added Kaladin to the list of "People who give me WAY Too much power."

Version : 1.2
Posted : 1555179584
Patch Note :
-Fixed small checkpoint bug, by removing them completely

Version : 1.0
Posted : 1555179534
Patch Note :
-Made possible so you can't lose lives
-Removed Herobrine