Welcome my friend, we mean you know harm

We are just trying to kill you the funniest way possible

level screen

Author : Aventrix

Last update : 1612763660

some janky level that was sposed to go in the trollab 2 which is never happening apparently.

level screen

Author : TheRealninjSMW

Last update : 1596163211

A pretty short level with 1 ending...

Guys what do i put here

ummmmmmm No custom blocks except that one muncher no thats ExAni

level screen

Author : Aventrix

Last update : 1590797791

This is a perfectly normal day on Yoshi's Island, everything is fine, this is fine, I'm sure there won't be any trolls and there definitely won't be a couple do...

level screen

Author : fome82

Last update : 1586782738

Mario and his best friend are having slight differences and things get out of hand. But don't worry, there is a happy end!

This hack contains 8-ish levels and 1...

level screen

Author : DankBaron

Last update : 1570532677

Apparently Yu Ayasaki's Spoopy Adventure. Super Abridged World 1.3 The Spoopy Season Pre-sequel is too long to fit in the title box.

level screen

Author : Aidin

Last update : 1567032918

5 Pipes , 5 Key Coins , Millions of On\Off Switches

level screen

Author : OverworldYT

Last update : 1565928664

I submitted Super Overworld 64 with some edits to appease the mods, sadly it wasn't enough for them so it was removed. So i thought instead it would be ok if i posted it here,...

level screen

Author : DuffyW

Last update : 1575608427

....Hold on to your butts.

(Okay, so it needs more of a description that that. We got every happy nutball in the Troll discord to submit a level or two. It's a ...